Friendship, A relation out of my niche

This is an article on friendship and my story attached to it.

You might be puzzled by reading the title. Right?

My Friendship Story

Childhood bond of friendship
Childhood friendship!

Well, I had a rough journey since childhood in the case of friendship.

I had two to three friends of mine whom I call my “best friends”. By the time I reached class 10th, they had thrashed the titles given to them.

That was a difficult time for me because it was the first kind of betrayal, I got from my most trustworthy friends.

But it is a vital incident that happened to me as I learned to introspect in terms of handling emotions and analysing the true meaning of life.

Be it watching videos on YouTube, reading articles or consuming intellectual content on social media, and I moulded my sanity by prioritising self-respect and dignity on top.

But at the end of the line, I was always hoping to come in touch with an individual or group of individuals I can call “friends for life”.

Gifted with Handful yet Fruitful Friends for life

By god’s grace, to date got a couple of well-wishers who are a sort of all-rounder for me, which consist of the roles of a friend, caretaker, teacher & father figure.

The deeper bond of friendship!

And after having them, one thing I can say for sure that friendship can have no match limitations.

The bond of friendship beyond limitations
The bond of friendship beyond limitations

It can happen to anyone as long as trust, transparency and respect can stay on top of the picture.

But somehow, I feel that still there is a spot left for a person of my age to enter my friend circle.

However, I don’t force myself to find it aggressively. Because I know it’s not comfortable and trying rashly won’t give the results I want.

Other than that, I always try to keep myself open to interact with people and make friends. But don’t have any expectation in return for the behaviour I show to them.

Because at the end of the day,

“God gives you the gifts you deserve when the time is apt, and you are worthy for receiving it.”

Thank you very much for reading!

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