Future World – Says Letter from 2030!

Future World - Says Letter from 2030!

This is a story about Future World, A story about the post-COVID-19 world from 2030.

It is about a fine evening, I was laying on my bed, simply scrolling the news feed on social media and was slowly diving deeper into the hole of nothingness.

Sounds awkward right?

Well, it started a few days after the beginning of the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

At first, I was pumped up and did all the things I wanted to do, but then came the time when the taste of joy started to vanish bit by bit, all thanks to the negative news everywhere about the local and global status of the outbreak.

I started to feel less joyful and more depressed.

But still, I, with my utmost effort, strengthened my will to come out of this zone and decided to start a new routine for me.

I then moved to my room shelf to find a notebook or a diary to start writing daily journals.

Suddenly, my attention went to a well-packed dairy.
I didn’t know how it came there and was not able to remember about buying one.

I took it and unwrapped it, to begin with, my journal.

But the moment I opened it;

I found a letter inside it titled as; “A letter from 2030”.

Now I being a curious nerd, thought to see what’s inside, so I took out the letter and began reading it.

Letter from the Future World 

Here it goes: –

Dear Uttam 1.0,

I am from the Future World.

Uttam 2.0 From Future World - Says Letter from 2030!

I hope you are fine there!

Furthermore, I know I am writing this letter in the most terrible year in the history of mankind bombarded with the calamities of bush fires, COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, oil spillway in the ocean, and lots more.

But trust me, all your loved ones, and every committed citizen of this planet will be alive.

It was not easy though.

Students like me agonized in coping with educational damage, recession skyrocketed rates of unemployment, the number of crimes increased due to survival issues among citizens, unaltered malpractice with the females and the world economy suffered a lot in the worst-case scenario.

Hoping for Better life in the Future World

But, most of the sufferings were blown away by many important learnings and good practices.

Whether it is about adopting the etiquette of sanitation as a habit, both – individually and socially, helping each other, empowering economical innovations or preferring indigenous business and their products to stabilize the staggering state of our existence.

It took around 2-3 years to recover to a decent level yet all these resulted in the fruitful transformation of the world where I live today.

So, hold yourself with courage and encourage everyone to do the same.

Now hear me out!

I have lots to tell you about everything here,

I promise I’ll try to be as concise as I can!


I, aka Uttam 2.0 am very healthy now.

Uttam 2.0 from the Future World

Furthermore, I have a physically fit body, elegant physique and immunity which always helps me in giving my 100% in every work I do.

Regarding my career, things are quite similar to the goals you wrote in your “List of dreams”.

I, with the blessings of our family, support of my friends & well-wishers, have successfully established a well-known international organization.

I, with this organization, am working to protect the environment, supporting humanity, and creating a healthy human society that can cohabit peacefully with every creature on this planet.

In the future world, I have a team of phenomenal teammates who has the same spirit as me.

We together make lots of money by utilizing the skills on which we poured our hard work into, and utilize it in doing every welfare work that we desired of, and that too independently!

I still have lots to achieve which I am sure I’ll make it and also want to request you to never lose hope and never forget your commitment to yourself.

Regarding our lives here in 2030, the digital world has grabbed everyone in its engaging & mesmerizing aura making people lose mental and emotional connectivity in their social life.

The Light From Future

In the future world, technology has given birth to many hi-tech machines to extract the offerings of nature. But, sadly, this tech advancement has not yet successful to design such a machine that can plant trees, recover greenery on its own, purify the entire ocean and solve every human-oriented mess with ease and by one-click operations.


Please bust the myth of the people of your time that things will work out on their own.

Even after advancing in modern tech, the protection of our motherland needs to be done manually by humans only.

Every individual needs to plant & protect trees, recycle everything possible, adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, and most importantly, inspire everyone in adopting these with happiness and commitment to attain a better future.

You’d be happy to know that after the pandemic, people also let go of the

“What my action adoption will change? Mentality”

Moreover, they have become changemakers with their knowledge, skills and talents that will provide fruitful outcomes for our survival.

All of your best friends are still with me and that too with a stronger bond and am gifted with many life-long buddies who are making my life worth living.

It will sound crazy, but it’s true that I also met the love of my life which you dreamt about.

She is exactly the one you will live your entire life with.

I won’t tell anything about her otherwise the fun of self-witnessing will lose its beauty 😉.

So, just be “you”, always respect people, be kind, help others, love your family and caretakers.

Do these and one day you’ll find her and all the ones mentioned above waiting for you; next doors!

Till then, be amazing, bye.
Your kind future version,
Uttam 2.0

‘Letter over’

Uttam 2.0 Saying Goodbye!

The moment I completed reading,

I was overwhelmed with tears of joy and supernatural energy made an entry inside me.

It encouraged me to start living every second to the fullest from that moment on and to do the work I love and commit to bringing a remarkable change in the world.

TAKEAWAY FROM THE STORY:Quote from Uttam 1.0

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.
Every man has his own destiny:
The only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him.”

– Uttam Kumar Tamboli

Thank you very much for reading!

If you liked what you read, you can check out more stories on my blog. 

Let me know what’s your thoughts on this story in the comment section and tell me how do you want your future to self be.

I am all ears!


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