You might have always heard of the fact that we should appreciate others for their excellent work. It helps us to build a good character and rapport with them. But have you come across a situation where you appreciate others and overwhelm yourself at the same time?

I have come across many because whenever I used to appreciate others for their excellent work, my mind used to give me signals that he/she is better than you as they are doing the work and you are sitting ideally on the couch for the day (which is not true but my mind made it for me to make me feel overwhelmed).

Due to this reason, my mind used to make me reach a conclusion saying you cannot appreciate others without overwhelming yourself.

But the reason I am using the phrase “use to make” is because I have stepped upon it. After lots of introspections and life experiences, I realized that this conclusion is flawed.

I am saying that because I have experimented with both conditions;

One, appreciating others for their excellent work and self-overwhelming and two, appreciating others and using it as a source of energy to improve or boost my work!

Trust me; the second option is way better than the first at every segment. This little experiment showed me that appreciating others for their work helps you replace your mind resistance to constructive growth steps.

That’s how I came to the ‘tried & tested’ life hack, which is you can have the habit of appreciating others without overwhelming yourself at the same time. It’s just a delusion of mind that appreciating others for their work will dazzle you for your state of work.

You have to play your game with your set of rules, or I should better say ethics. By that, you should develop a system in mind to help you work on a schedule and follow it diligently. This ethical way of performing your work will help you to be a magnet that attracts good results.

Moreover, the habit of appreciating others for their excellent work and working your way will help you to make outstanding bonds with your colleagues, friends, family workmate, or any person you are working with.

Then hey, it makes this life hack a combo pack. Right?

It is offering you the action of building a better understanding with others and boosting your productivity at the same time!

So, adopt this habit and experiment with it in your life and let me know in the comments about the difference you felt.

You can also share if you experienced the same thing as mine or your story of overcoming it.

I am all ears!

Thank you for reading. For more such content, you can visit my blog where I write environment, travel, informative, creative and articles depicting life lessons from my introspections.

Thank you!


Uttam Kumar Tamboli

Writing Enthusiast & Environment Activist

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

Email Id: ukt19201@gmail.com

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