KGF movie is a masterpiece – here is why!

KGF movie is a masterpiece – here is why!

Here are the 6 reasons why KGF movie is a masterpiece. This article is enough to convince you for watching this movie.

Why this review article is unique?

Being a guy inclined to watch anime, Hollywood movies, and Bollywood movies, I was reluctant to try any south Indian films.

I had framed images of those movies full of fake action scenes, weird songs, ultra- strange Hindi dialogues and all the things that made me feel sick watching it.

As watching a movie is a very sacred thing for me, I watch every film with 100% attention and retain more than 80% of it, which is way higher than the things I remember from studying subjects and my mom always taunts me by slapping this fact on my face.

Anyways, but this derogatory image in my mind was sabotaged when I saw the K.G.F. Movie!

That Literally changed my mind, and then I started looking for more movies like it made by the South Indian Film Industry.

I don’t even miss a chance to watch any scene of it whether it is telecasting on T.V., or shows on YouTube or anywhere else.

I am sure that if you haven’t watched it, yet then this is the right time, my friend!

Just take some time off from your busy schedule and give it a shot.

I guarantee you that it will not disappoint you.

Reasons To Watch the KGF Movie

But still, if you are sceptical about it then here are the 6 reasons to watch the KGF movie and I sure that it will dissolve your uncertainty like sugar in water:

The phenomenal background tracks of the KGF movie.

The star cast of the KGF movie and their mesmerizing presence.

The Cinematography that perfectly mimicked the past.

The dialogues that raised the bars.

The storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The chart-busting end sequence of KGF movie.

The Phenomenal Background Music of the KGF movie


Man, I thought I could resist myself to mention it in the latter part but I failed to control my excitement.

Background music (B.G.M.) or the movie’s soundtrack gives serious Goosebumps in every section of the film and acts as the cherry on the cake.

Moreover, the best part is that it will resonate in your mind like an earworm for the whole day, giving you an extra dose of energy to do your work more energetically.

The star cast of the KGF movie and their mesmerizing presence


The star cast of the KGF movie and their mesmerizing presence
KGF Movie Star Cast

With Yash as the iconic protagonist, the supporting cast members, i.e.Srinidhi Shetty, Ramachandra Raju, Archana Jois, Anant Nag, and Vasishta N. Simha, Achyuth Kumar etc. has done a phenomenal job in giving a realistic touch to the plots.

There were scenes where there was a need for intense persona and rivalry and showcasing that, the star cast’s fierce looks and expressions were enough.

The Cinematography that perfectly mimicked the past

We all know that portraying the scene of the present is one thing but when we need to narrate a story of the past, then the cinematography kicks in.

KGF movie deals with the mother and son relationship. The film appears to be set in the backdrop of 1978 while the protagonist’s birth happened in 1951.

The Cinematography of KGF movie that perfectly mimicked the past
KGF movie: The Emotional Bond

So now, you can imagine how old the time frame was which they were aiming to shoot, and it’s my assurance that you won’t be able to claim any plot as “fake”.

Because every movie plot feels very real and resonates with our imagination about how our country was after independence, held in the clutches of slavery and domination.

The fact that the KGF movie won the Best Action Choreography and Special Effects in 66 National Film Awards justifies their work’s worth.

The dialogues that raised the bars:

There are various movies irrespective of the origin industry that has dialogues that break the internet, sticks to every tongue, gets mimicked by people and gains hype for years.

The dialogues in this movie will act as your building blocks of confidence and unwavering mindset that you can gradually top chart your “code of ethics”.

KGF movie: Thrilling Dialogue

“Powerful people come from powerful places.”

“Ladaai mein kaun pahle maarta hai..isse koi fark nahi padta….Fark isse padtaa hai ki ….Pahle Kaun niche geera” – Yash

“Ghayal ser ki sansein…..Uski dahaaad se bhi jayada bhayanak hoti hai”

The dialogues that raised the bars in KGF movie
KGF movie: Thrilling Dialogue

These are some of many Goosebumps giving dialogues of the movie.

Oh! Yes! I haven’t mentioned two of the most terrific dialogues, even in examples also.

As I want you to witness it with 100% involvement.

But I am giving you a hint that will help you recognize the arrival of the movie’s dialogue. Remember the following shots:

Moment of iconic dialogue!


Moment of iconic dialogue

To feel the actual intensity of emotion hidden in them, you need to watch the KGF movie.

The storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat:

Personally, I’m not fond of suspense movies much because I need to process a lot of things in mind.

Oh, come on, man!

People watch movies either to consume good content or for entertainment.

Why make the mind horses run for solving a suspense case?

Do you agree?

Well, these are the questions that I ask myself every time I watch a movie.

But for this movie, I didn’t do it.


I should better say that I didn’t need to.

It’s a story about a boy who loved his mother a lot.

The boy named Raja Krishnappa Bairya, “Rocky”, born into poverty, arrives in Bombay (now Mumbai) in the 1960s and is on a quest for power and wealth to his dying mother.

The movie dates back to 1951. Here, two incidents occur, the birth of the hero and the other in the Kolar Gold Fields (K.G.F); they get gold. The hero is brought up in poverty. When he was very young, he goes to Mumbai to become a mafia don.

The storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
A hero inheriting strength from unfair life adversities!

Then destiny takes him to the place where thousands of ecstatic slaves had given up hope of living; The Kolar Gold Fields.

How he becomes a Messiah & earns up a hero’s name will be answered when you will watch the movie.

This is a short description of the story I compiled from various sources to give you the essence of it because honestly speaking, I don’t want to slap the entire storyline in my article, which will ultimately ruin the joy of self-witnessing.

So, get yourself hyped-up and go watch the movie!

The chart-busting end sequence of the KGF Movie:

The chart-busting end sequence of the KGF Movie
The chart-busting end sequence.

The energy keeps on piling up from the start to give the final uppercut in the end.

Above all, it is so terrific that I didn’t skip any chance to witness it whether it is getting telecasted on Television or the feed of YouTube or social media handles.

I am personally the type of viewer who knowingly or unknowingly tries to predict the upcoming plots in a movie while watching it. One of the many reasons I admire this movie is because I didn’t see that coming – The Ending Sequence.

It is so well written and presented that you’ll literally be giving either a shout-out or a standing ovation to the entire sequence.

(Psst! And it’s one of the most iconic moments I shared a screenshot with you!)

There is one more reason which I didn’t include in the above six because it is a personal one.

The Songs, of course! I watched it in Hindi, and all the songs composed in Hindi are very engaging, soul-touching and act as an earworm for the entire day (Sometimes more than one day!).

So finally, I have mentioned all the reasons which I felt that made KGF a masterpiece and if there is something that I missed mentioning, then please do let me know.

Where can you watch the KGF movie?

KGF is available on Amazon Prime. You can watch it there.

This marks the end of the article.

I genuinely insist you give this movie a try.

(I nearly have mentioned it at every point as well 😂).

It will not disappoint you!

Thank you very much for reading!

If you liked what you read then you can also read my other movie review articles.

Have a nice day!

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