The God of High School Anime Review & 5 Reasons to Watch it.

In this article, I will give you the god of high school anime review and 5 reasons to watch it.

I liked this anime as it had good comic timing, fighting scenes, nice soundtracks, amazing animation and an emotional connection that holds all the above points together.


The God of High School anime is an adaptation based on South Korean Webtoon or Manhua (Korean Comics) written and illustrated by Park Yongje who is the author and a Korean webtoon artist. MAPPA Studios did the animation of this anime and produced this series in cooperation with Crunchyroll & Webtoon.

Genre: Comedy, Supernatural & Martial Arts


It is available in English, Japanese, Russian and many other languages as Crunchyroll has released it in all its available regions.

Following are the reasons you are looking for:

The fighting scenes of God of high school anime

The fighting scenes in this anime are wonderful to watch. As there is a tournament involved in the anime, you’ll get to watch a lot of different fighting styles here.

     The-God-of-High-School-Anime-Shots-By-Writing-To-Live-Blog     The-God-of-High-School-Anime-Shots-By-Writing-To-Live-Blog





Although, the fighting styles are not showcased in a detailed manner like stunning fighting animes: Baki or Ashura, but still, you will enjoy watching them.

The outstanding soundtracks of the God of high school anime

The original soundtracks (OST) and songs are one of the many specialities of anime that hooks the audience and leaves a long-lasting impact.

Generally, it is primarily made in Japanese and then they make interpretations in different languages as per popularity. I prefer the original soundtracks and even have a dedicated playlist for them.

However, as this was a worldwide release by Crunchy roll, they made the soundtracks in English which became a hit. They are also available in Japanese & Korean.

The opening song is dope. You can listen for yourself here: 

Along with this, all the other tracks are splendid and perfectly blends with the scenes. You can watch them on Crunchyroll’s Youtube Channel.

The storyline of God of high school anime

The God of high school anime is primarily focused on a tournament of high school students in which students skilled in different forms of martial arts across the globe fight and win the tournament.

The winner of this tournament will have any of his/her wish fulfilled. Every participant fight for a reason and the winning wish is the ‘one key for every lock’ opportunity which jointly contributes to their desire to become victorious in the tournament.

Jin Mori, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul, South Korea is one of the main characters in the anime who claims himself the strongest high schooler and is always ready to fight a worthy opponent.


His life took an adventurous turn when an unknown and mysterious organization offered him to participate in the tournament and prove his self-claimed title of the strongest high schooler, true.

Han De-Wi and Yu Mira are the friends of Jin Mori and are supporting main characters in the anime. Other than them, more characters in the anime hold significant importance in the story.    


However, the tournament is not an easy-going event. It holds numerous shady secrets as the organization sponsoring the tournament is not ordinary. Borrowing power from gods, preaching different gods, using mysterious powers of ‘Charyeok’ and many secrets unfold as the story proceeds to lead to epic battles splendid action sequences.

I found the storyline to be great, but the first season has not depicted many details like many epic animes, but I hope that the second season will back it up.

However, the actions sequences and fighting scenes have saved it from disappointing the audience, and trust me you will be hopeful instead of disappointed that the coming season will justify the first.

The friendship bond that will vicariously make you happy

The story involves the friendship of three youngsters: Jin Mori, Han De-Wi & Yu Mira which will cater you a wonderful feeling of the bond of friendship. You’ll recall your friendship in real life and vicariously become happy because of that.


The best part: it doesn’t feel discrete from the storyline as it holds many plots of the story in its umbrella thereby helping to keep the watching experience intact and engaging.

The animation of God of high school anime

This was the ‘icing on the cake’ in the anime as it enhances the watching experience for the audience. MAPPA STUDIOS has done the animation work and they, without a doubt, have done a commendable job in the animation part of the anime.


There are many short comic sequences in the anime that lasts for seconds. The stunning animation helped them to outshine to their utmost intensity.

Some of them were so funny that I was not able to resist and had to pause the anime and laugh out first.

Also, there are sections in the anime where it shows characters in tiny appearances which are too cute and pleasing to watch. 







(Comment down the actual name of those representations if you know 😉)

Takeaways from the anime:

You can take away the importance of healthy friendship in your life as a good one can enrich meaning in your life and a bad one a snatch away from that.

There are people who proclaim themselves powerful, skilled, elite and whatnot. It’s good to take inspiration from them, but in no case, you should copy them and look down upon your charisma.

Work on your powers, polish them and shine with them.


I found them as per season one, and I’ll add more if the coming season has any takeaways to add.

Also, if you think there are more takeaways, then do let me know in the comment section below.

Answering Your Questions on the anime:

Is the god of high school good anime?

Yes, it’s a good anime, but I won’t call it great. It can be one if the next season has more detail in terms of the storyline.

Overall, it’s a treat to watch if you are feeling low and want to watch a mind refreshing anime.

The best part: you won’t grow anxious for the next season as the first season has ended in a sweet spot, giving you a sense of fulfilment after watching the anime.

Is the god of high school anime over?

The season is over, but the season is not. The official release date of next season is yet to come.

Is the god of high school children friendly?

Yes, it is children friendly. Season one didn’t have any vulgar or sexualized scenes. However, it is a fighting anime and involves bloodshed in the episodes and therefore, showing that to a child younger than 13 years won’t be good.

How many episodes does the god of high school have?

Season 1 has 13 episodes in total of 24 minutes each.

Where can you watch the god of high school?

You can watch it on Netflix, the Muse Asia YouTube Channel & in the Crunchyroll app & website.

Is the god of high school an anime?

There is an argument going on for calling it an anime, as it’s an adaptation from Korean Manga (Comics) and made in Japan.

For simplicity, you can call it anime, Korean anime or whatever you feel like as the designation should not affect your decision of watching it.


That’s all for this review.

Do let me know in the comment section below if you think I missed something.

Thank you very much for reading.

If you found this review interesting then you can also check other anime reviews in my blog.


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  1. Nicely Explained🥰
    Points which I like most are
    1. Bond between Frnds
    2. Tiny Appearance, Comic timing
    3. You mentioned my another fav anime Baki…. Thanku☺👌

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