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This is a review article on the book the rudest book ever by Shwetabh Gangwar showcasing the vital insights you need to know about this book.

There was a time when I was stuck in uncertainty and unproductiveness.

The moment I used to wake up, there was an energy, something more than procrastination that was not letting me do any good.

I was constantly disturbed and afraid of thinking about how things will work in the future?

But the restlessness faded away when I started doing the most effective thing with the fears; to accept them and face them!

The helping hand which pulled me up with the courage to do so is the book named THE RUDEST BOOK EVER by Mr Shwetabh Gangwar.


The Rudest book ever is a current best-selling book written by Mr Shwetabh Gangwar who is a novelist, public speaker, professional problem-solver, and has over two million followers on YouTube.

He makes problem-solving videos on YouTube based on the problems that people send him on Instagram and trust me, they are awesome!

He has two YouTube channels; Shwetabh Gangwar & Mensutra.  You can also reach out to him on Instagram at mensutra.


The Rudest Book Ever is a book of the self-help genre, or I should say that it is more than that because it gives you a bunch of perspectives to re-think about various aspects of life thereby helping you to solve your life problems.

Decluttering mind with valuable perspectives
Decluttering mind with valuable perspectives and a rock-solid mindset

And the best part, this book is unlike many other self-help books. It makes you think clearly about your problems by decluttering your mind from garbage instead of teaching you about morality, self-worth and what not.

You can consider it as a tool guide to developing a healthy mindset that will help you to make remarkable and necessary decisions for your life.

The Uniqueness that makes it stand apart from the rest.

There are many self-help books out there that can help you find your passion and the answers to your question.

But no one is going to give you a reality check like this one. It is more like a hunter of the fantasized truth which our mind makes us preach.

What makes this book ‘A must-read’?

This book is a masterpiece in making you rate yourself.

The author very well knows all are the slacking habits that deviate us from our work, and you’ll relate to each one of them.

I personally feel that the book which can talk to you is a must-read for you. As it’ll act like one of your ingenious friends who don’t equivocate or complicate the truth for you.

Actions to develop a strong mindset

Actions to develop a strong mindset!

The book holds views and counteractions of all the situations you face every day that makes you puzzled, pissed or leaves you numb. All these measures will help you to refine your actions in almost every segment of your daily routine.

The Dark-side You Need to Know Before Reading It

See, I have been following the author for 5 years now. This guy speaks the truth on your face and the reason I admire him is because of the way he declutters the mind of his audience. It is aggressively harsh and filled with ‘abusive contexts’.

Yeah, you read that right! Abusive words!

So, I’ll iterate the same sentence which the author himself has written in the cover page of the book and that’s:

“Read-only if you are prepared to get your feelings hurt.”

“Insanely practical ideas to free your mind from all bullsh*t”.

Now, the reason for which I am admiring this man for the last 5 years is that his content works!

As in the situations where we say that we don’t know what to do, how to do it, why to do etc., we already have the answer, but our mind constantly tries to nullify the will to act on it.

At that time, the “feel-good content” doesn’t work.

It simply gives you momentary happiness which fades away in no time because you are still on a baseless hope that things will work out, but it won’t unless you start moving.

And the most effective solution to this is to accept the vulnerability of the moment and address the fear inside you. Because once a wise man said,

Brave Mindset

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“Being brave doesn’t mean to be intrepid, rather it means to do the right thing even when you are afraid of doing it.”

And that’s the theme of this book which will keep you engaged in every page you read or turn to read.

So, in a nutshell, read this book if

> you like the harsh yet direct way of teaching,

> you can tackle offensive content & language,

> don’t have any problems with abusive words if they can help you

> you are not underage.

(Although an underage won’t even pick this book in the first place, still I felt the need to tell you.)

How to read the rudest book ever?

See, it is a small book having close to 115 pages of content.

You can finish the entire book in a week if you are really impressed by the content.

But I won’t suggest that as it will minimize the impact the author wants to create on your reading experience.

The Right Way To Read This Book

Read at a constant pace and scheduled portion per day for effective retention.

I would suggest you read one chapter a day or in 2 days if it’s a big one.

This will help you introspect your position with the personas mentioned in the chapters and you’ll be able to think of the best possible solution in those days’ time.

And lastly, this goes without saying but underline or highlight the sections that amaze you or give you a trailblazing vibe.

What benefit do you get from reading this book?

I’ll keep it point-wise for better accountability. They are:

1) You’ll learn about the reality of life.

2) It will help you learn how to think.

3) You’ll learn about how emotions affect you and how to put them in good use or control them.

4) You’ll be able to declutter your mind with the false yet flamboyant lifestyles and activities going on everywhere.

5) You’ll be able to reshape your identity for good.

6) It will help you to spot real & legit people, works & relationships.

7) You’ll learn to preach the true things in life.

The ultimate way of gaining sanity and wisdom

And most importantly, will help you to start a new life with a fresh & rock-solid mindset.

Who needs to read the rudest book ever the most?

Well, I told you earlier that those who can endure offensive yet the real truth about life and reality should read this book.

But the people who need this the most are the ones who are stuck in mental, social, relational or any other sort of problems making them irritated and numb at the same time. They should definitely read this book.

It will help you clear all your mental blocks and will energize you to move forward and bring the level-ups you want for yourself and your work.


There is a famous African proverb that says,

When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. The-Rudest-Book-Ever-Review-Article-By-Writing-To-Live-Blog
When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.

Where can you get the rudest book ever from?

This book is available on Amazon and Flipkart both. It’s very affordable so don’t worry about the expenses. You can buy the hard copy or the Kindle version as per your reading comfort.

This book is also available in Hindi now. You can check that out too on amazon

Life Ke Karwe Sach: Duniya ki Faaltu Bakwaas se Bachne ke Zabardast Ideas: Amazon.in: Gangwar, Shwetabh, Thakur, Manjit: Books


So finally, after giving you all the vital insights for the books, here are the things I want to share before parting ways with you.

1) You should definitely read this book.

2) Read it at a normal pace, as it is a small book you don’t need to worry about completing fast.

3) Read 1 chapter a day or in two days if it’s a big one.

4) Read it in your free time. Early morning or before bed are the best which I would suggest to you to go for it.

5) Retrospect & Introspect about your actions and their consequences, honestly, after reading every chapter.

And I can guarantee you that you’ll become a better version of yourself after completing it.

Thank you very much for reading, If you like this article then you should visit my other book reviews.

Let me know your experience with this book and mention your viewpoint if I missed writing it in the comment section below.

I am all ears!



Uttam Kumar Tamboli

Environment Activist & Writing Enthusiast

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

Email ID: ukt19201@gmail.com

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