How watching anime has made me a better writer?


Yes, you read it right. Watching anime has made me a better writer.

How I started Writing?

My interest in writing caught pace when I started writing reports about the work of my school Eco-club team.

But when I retrospect now, I find that it popped up way earlier when I was in 7th standard.

I used to write stories as per imagination (Of course they were inspired by the cartoons I watched back then 😉).

However, because of my studies, I was not able to use the creative informal writing style in my writings.

Then when I got the opportunity to write the project reports, I decided to write every report differently in terms of words, references, thoughts and conclusions.

This way I started experimenting with my content.

Anime – The Game Changer

At first, I watched English Dubbed anime, as it was available on YouTube and it gave me a movie-watching experience. But surprisingly, I stumbled upon the English Subbed (Subtitled) anime videos on YouTube.


That amazed me a lot because of the difference in the watching experience was so evident between those two. 

As the English Dubbed version had English audio so the meanings used to change a lot from the English Subbed (Subtitled) the version which had original Japanese audio.

So, this made me shift to watching English subbed anime episodes and that is what responsible for improving my writing skills.

How Anime Started Helping Me In Writing?

When I watch English subbed episodes, there are numerous words and phrases that I come across for the first time. 

I search the new words on a translator to know about their different use cases and take screenshots of the phrases to remember using them in my writing.


However, if it was only the subtitles then any media content be it movies, web series or TV series with English subtitles would have helped me (they do too when I watch them). 

But anime has something extra that does the magic – storytelling, character development, emotional connection between characters and philosophical ideologies.


All these together help me in structuring the content I write with a great start, middle and end having wonderful quotations and taglines.


Anime Helping Me In Crafting My Writing Style

While writing articles, there are times when the topic of writing is too heavy and serious to add humour to it, as it has situations where the feeling of pain and difficulties are conveyed.

But I have made a rule for myself that no matter how severe or adverse the intensity of the topic be, I’ll try to give a happy note in my articles.


This is the reason why, I, in my writings, always try to give an actionable vibe in the concluding section of my articles so that the reader can have an idea of what he/she can do to things right, to make them bad from worse or bad to good.

Now anime being a cluster of optimism, passion, fighting spirit and positive energy helps me in bringing out the actionable concluding note and make the best ending of the article.


So, this way, watching anime has made me a better writer. Obviously, there cannot be a direct application of anime in writing as it depends on the topic of writing. 

But the flow of the article is always influenced by the learnings of anime.

How You Can Become A Better Writer

Likewise, you might also have your helper that either has made you a better writer, a better content creator or have improved your work, so don’t be embarrassed or afraid about sharing about it with the world as it holds the credit for the improvement that you have brought in your work.

So, find your helper, embrace it, explore new dimensions of your craft and never stop writing. Be it for personal development or professional works because

“Writing is a superpower which gives a body and a soul to your thoughts and vision”.


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Wrapping Up In Anime Style

Also, if you are planning to start watching anime or watch a couple of amazing anime, then you can check my Anime Review Articles.

Now if you are thinking that watching a review article will either spoil your watching experience or will decrease the essence of anime, then here’s good news for you – All articles are spoiler-free!


I have written every article in such a way that it will indicate to you whether the anime genre will match your taste or not. 

So, this way, you’ll be able to develop credibility in your decision for watching the anime.

You can find the articles here: Anime Review Articles


Thank you very much and never forget – You are AWESOME!

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6 thoughts on “How watching anime has made me a better writer?”

  1. Hi Uttam,

    I commend you for relating anime to writing! You are so right. The subtitles help you to learn new phrases. I believe that they help you with punctuation usage as well – the most underrated skill when it comes to writing.

    I loved the positive tone of your writing and thank you for writing another anime review article, WITHOUT SPOILER ALERT. 😀

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