Nobody Movie Review-Is It A John Wick Lite Version?

Welcome you all to the spoiler-free Nobody Movie review article which will answer your curiosity about the movie being worthy of your watch list or not.

As in the title you can see that I have mentioned Nobody 2021 to be a John Wick’s Lite Version because of its genre and slightly similar storyline.

But to find if I am right or wrong, let’s proceed with the Nobody Movie Review Article to find what the movie is all about.


Don’t hesitate to read the entire article because of the fear of any spoilers, as I have tried my best to keep the article spoiler-free.


About the Nobody 2021 Movie

Nobody 2021 is a movie directed by llya Naishuller, the director of the popular franchise, John Wick and is an action-packed thriller movie written by Derek Kolstad having Bob Odenkirk, Kelly McCormick, Braden Aftergood, Marc Provissiero and David Leitch among the film producers.

What is the movie nobody all about? (Spoiler-free: Don’t Worry)

Nobody 2021 movie follows the story of the man named Hutch Mansell who lives a normal life travelling in a bus to office work, doing daily exercise, to failing in taking out the trash. Overall, taking life’s indignities on the chin and never pushing back.




He lives with his wife, Becca and his two kids: Blake & Abby. One night, two thieves barge into his house. He finds out, they threaten him but instead of ferociously knocking them down, he chooses to be calm and try to handle things peacefully. His son tries to trap one of them, but he stops him and let the thieves run away to keep his family safe.


This sensible action seems to be uncool in front of his son and he disappointedly becomes furious with Hutch. Although Hutch does the right thing to save his family, the inability to showcase a family protector figure makes him sad.


Furthermore, returning on a bus from another regretful action to home, he finds a young girl being harassed on a bus by a bunch of things. Witnessing this, he decides to channelize all his frustration together to do at least this thing right and goes into beast mode.

But in midst of this chaos, he picks up rivalry from a wicked drug lord which results in violent home invasions, gunfights, and lots more.

Now, will Hutch deal with this situation calmly like the thieves’ barge-in?

Will he be able to keep his innocent family safe from this chaos?

Will he fight them out?

Or is this revengeful conflict going to cost him the blood of his family?

Are the questions that will be answered to you after watching the movie.


What makes the Nobody 2021 Movie different from other movies?

When I started researching for the relevant data to write the Nobody movie review article and combining it with my observations, I found that many minor yet impactful parameters make the Nobody movie different from other movies. They are as follows:

  • It doesn’t feel like a 90 minute (1 hour and 30 minutes film) because the level of action shown, blended with the story feels longer yet satisfying.
  • It has a unique beginning to showcase a character’s lifestyle in a short yet convincing manner.
  • It has multiple paces involved with giving dedicated optimum time for character buildup, emotional elements and action sequence which is beautifully pulled off all thanks to the amazing acting of the star cast.
  • Despite being an action-packed movie, it has emotional and dark comedic elements involved in it making it a complete entertainment package.
  • It feels similar to the John Wick’s Franchise, but a significant factor that differs Nobody movie from John Wick is the state of the main character: Hutch Mansell loves fighting & John Wick hates it

(But hey, both are pros in it 😉).

All these aspects make Nobody movie different from other movies.


What’s great about the Nobody 2021 movie?

  • Action Sequences:

Man, I cannot stop myself from describing this point first, because this aspect deserves the first spot in this segment of the Nobody Movie Review Article.

Nobody being written by John Wick’s creator Derek Koslad and co-produced by David Leitch, (who previously worked on John Wick), it is no surprise that the action sequences are choreographed by the team of John Wick’s Franchise would be an amazing art in itself.

However, the cherry on the cake is the storyline’s element which kicks in between the fighting scene little by little, making it a treat to watch.

Also, there is another reason for the action sequences to be phenomenal which is the progression of the fight. Usually, in an action movie, the hero starts banging people right off the hook. 

But in this case, the hero being out of action for a while takes hits for not being in motion for a long time, but slowly and smoothly, he gains back his badass momentum and then starts with his moves.

This is truly impressive because it has depicted a practical approach in fighting which gives the action sequence an edge over other action-packed movies.

  • Emotional Elements:

Normally, in an action-packed movie, the emotional elements are mildly showcased, only the amount needed for motivating the hero to fight for his cause.

But with Nobody 2021 movie, it was different. Right from the start, the character development picks up progression and shows how a killing machine looks like when he is a ‘No-Action-Person’ followed by his relation with his family and colleagues.

Additionally, what he feels about his life being looked down upon by the same people and at last, the helplessness which gives birth to evildoers and their ill-effects that harms their family.

All these are dealt with in the movie, although their presence is short-termed but has a significant impact.

  • Subtle Dark Comedic scenes:

Although Nobody is a violent action movie, there are subtle dark comedic scenes involved in the movie in between the action scenes which will make you laugh or at least smile for sure. ☺

  • Great acting by Starcast:

Nobody 2021 being an action thriller, has a major portion of fighting scenes involved in it. But unlike other action thrillers, it has diversely showcased emotional and darkly comedic scenes intermingled with the fighting scenes.

This diversification hit successfully because of the great acting of the star cast.

Trust me, you’ll enjoy them for sure.


What’s bad about the Nobody 2021 movie?

Following are the points that I have carefully depicted for this segment of the Nobody Movie Review article:

  • Incomplete backstory:

I know that story built up is made by giving a tiny glimpse of backstory, but Nobody didn’t do even that. In the entire movie, we only know that Hutch’s father was in the FBI and he is a person secretly called NOBODY. Also, the details of the job he is doing at present in the movie are not clear.

There is a chance that the backstory will come into the spotlight in the probable upcoming sequel but for now, the backstory is unknown.

  • Imbalanced Character Development:

In the movie, the main character has a decent character development along with his father.

But other than them, all the supporting characters seemed just for show and didn’t have proper individual proper character development.

Be it the main heroes, wife, children and friend etc.

Again, there is a possibility for their progress in the probable upcoming sequel but from a single movie perspective, the character development is imbalanced.


Who should not watch the Nobody 2021 movie?

Let me give this to you straight.

If you want to watch a movie with:

  • a tight storyline.
  • Impressive character development.
  • Detailing and optimum pace of progression.

Then Nobody 2021 movie is not for you.


Who should watch the Nobody 2021 movie?

Straight Again 😎

If you want to watch a movie with:

  • Stunning action sequences.
  • Phenomenally Acting
  • Subtle yet dark comedy sequences amidst action scenes.
  • Throughout entertainment in a short duration.
  • And if you are okay with multiple paces involved in a movie

Overall, a complete entertainment package with action, comedy and emotions.

Then you should watch Nobody 2021.


Is Nobody in the John Wick universe?

While searching for relevant data for the Nobody Movie Review article, I repeatedly found articles based on the rumours of Nobody being a part of John Wick Universe, but it is not true as clearly stated by the writer Derek Kolstad who mentioned that it will be intriguing to watch John Wick and Hutch Mansell come together, but he rather wants to establish Nobody as a separate franchise.

Also, the director Ilya Naishuller says a crossover with Keanu Reeves’ John Wick is unlikely because the distributing studios of both the franchises are different: John Wick by Universal & Nobody by Lionsgate.

So there needs to be a financial treaty involved if both are planned to crossover in the near future which is a distant thought for now.


Why is Nobody 2021 Rated R?

Although, there are no sexually proactive scenes or nudity involved in the movie, but because of the aggressively violent fighting scenes & bloodshed and drug consumption, Nobody 2021 is considered an R-Rated film.


Can an under 16 watch Nobody 2021?

As Nobody movie is underrated to an audience younger than 17 years old should not watch Nobody 2021 as it involves aggressively violent fighting scenes & bloodshed. Also, this applies to the tender-hearted audience who stumbles upon this movie to be a romantic comedy 😂.

Where can you find the Nobody 2021 movie?

Nobody movie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video but not in India.

Nobody movie is also not streaming on Netflix. So, if you want to watch it, then you don’t have any option but to find it somewhere else. Like on Tele#*am. 😂

Will there be a sequel for the Nobody 2021 movie?

There are no official announcements made on the release for the sequel of the Nobody Movie as of now.

However, keeping the success of Nobody 2021, it is probable that the sequel will come soon. Still, you can estimate their probable release in 2023 or 2024 if the producer put in cash in the franchise to shoot two sequels back-to-back.


Nobody Movie Review as per me

I enjoyed the movie. Still, if I have to give my Nobody Movie review then I would say that it’s a decent movie to watch if you are searching for a short yet action-packed, entertaining and thrilling movie.

I didn’t have high hopes when I started watching this movie as I smelled the plot by the genre and trailer. But to my surprise, it entertained me a lot like the fact of not being able to notice 90 minutes go by says it all.


I liked how well the action sequences have been choreographed in the movie as they make it more realistic and feasible in real life.

Also, the blend of emotional maturity among the hero Hutch, his wife and his father gave subtle yet impactful hits amidst all the action sequences.

So, in a nutshell, I found this movie a nice package of entertainment.

Conclusion of the Nobody Movie Review

So that’s all for the Nobody Movie Review article.

I hope that you found what you were looking for.

If not, then please do let me know in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to interact with you there.

I know that many critics are comparing Nobody 2021 with the John Wick Franchise and disparaging it.

But trust me, even the creators have decided to treat both pieces of art as separate entities and I agree with them too.

As Nobody and John Wick seem to be similar from afar but still both characters have their unique aura, so it is better to enjoy both of them individually instead of comparing them.

If you found this article interesting then you should also check out my other Movie Review Articles.

Lastly, share this review article with your friends and family with whom you want to watch this movie with or who’ll enjoy watching it.

Because I know, in today’s world, it’s hard to convince anybody to watch a movie on a person’s trust.

Maybe this article can help in doing it. 😉


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