The Exceptional Mimi Movie Review & Why You Should Watch It?

Welcome to the spoiler-free Mimi Movie Review Article which will clear your doubt about watching this movie.

About the Mimi Movie

Mimi is a movie starring Kriti Sanon & Pankaj Tripathi directed by Laxman Utekar and co-written by Rohan Shankar with Laxman Utekar which is a remake of the Marathi film Mala Aai Vhhaychy! released in 2011.


The storyline of Mimi Movie

Mimi movie is about a 25-year-old girl named Mimi Rathore (Kriti Sanon) from Rajasthan, a phenomenal dancer who aspires to become a Bollywood star and performs with the prime intention to earn money for making her dream come true.

Out of nowhere, Bhanu (Pankaj Tripathi), a Cab driver comes in contact with an American couple who are looking for a surrogate mother to give birth to their child and he agrees to help them. 

The couple stumbles upon Mimi in one of her dance performances and thinks if she can agree to become a Surrogate mother as she is a dancer with a healthy and fit body which was what they were looking for.

The couple gives her an offer of 20 lakh rupees for surrogacy and for making her dream come true, Mimi, agrees to their offer right off the bat without thinking about the social, emotional and legal consequences of her decision.


Now, will her dream come true?

Will the couple be blessed with the baby they were striving for?

Will Mimi be trapped in a different trouble

Or things are planned to turn out differently?

Are the questions that will be answered on watching the movie.





I know that some of you might have noticed the word ‘Remake movie’ in the previous segment of the article and are planning to leave the article as the story is not truly original.

But I want to request you guys to stick to the end of the article before forming an opinion on the movie.

I know that Bollywood is infamous for making Remakes from many foreign and regional movies. But I believe:

‘Imitation is the path to Innovation’

(When done sensibly & creatively instead of shamelessly copy-pasting 😂)

And with this tiny hope, please read till the end.

If you’d still think that I am wrong, then the comment section is all yours to prove yourself right 😉.

What makes the Mimi Movie different from other movies?

While I was watching the Mimi Movie, I immediately decided to write the Mimi Movie Review article because I found many subtle yet different and interesting elements that are usually missing in today’s Bollywood movies and this movie showcased it amazingly.

Following are the elements that make Mimi movie different from other movies:

The story Seems Predictable But it’s not

I have reduced watching Bollywood movies to a great extent and one of the most prominent reasons for doing that is the predictable and poorly crafted storylines of the movie.

But I am happy that Mimi Movie has proved me wrong. 

In fact, not only it has a great storyline, the best part is, you’ll feel that you’ll predict the next scene and the movie will surprise you by showing something else.

This gives a magical element to the movie.


Cut to cut sequences

You might have come across movies that have a duration of 2 hours, has a simple story but still has so many unnecessary slow-paced plots which hold no importance in enhancing the watching experience and rather makes it dull.

But with Mimi movie, I was happy to witness that the movie moves with smooth cut to cut sequences with every plot either having its relevancy to the story or standing out independently to entertain the audience.


It is Family Friendly


It is evident that today’s audience is moving on from the clichéd and stereotyped storylines and want to watch relatable content. But it is also evident that:

“When relatability comes into the picture, the dark side of society clings along as well.”

And when that happens, sometimes, the different members of the society feel uncomfortable in facing it together. Be it abusive content, molestation, harassment, etc.

We all know that it’s an integral part of society and it needs to be addressed but conveying it without traumatizing to every age group is a big challenge nowadays.

Now when all of these hits together while watching a movie then the enjoyment dims a bit.

But thankfully, Mimi is such a phenomenally crafted movie that has context with the dark sides of society without any hurtful sentiments that can traumatize the audience but will give an emotional reality check instead.

There is no nudity, abusive contexts, harassment or molestation involved in the movie which makes it a super-entertaining family-friendly movie that also becomes successful in giving a strong social message as well.


All these aspects make Mimi movie different from other series.

What’s great about the Mimi Movie?

Killer Comic Timing

I cannot help myself but stating this aspect first because it deserves it.

In the entire 2-hour movie, there might hardly be any 10-minute segment with the absence of comedy scenes.

Surprisingly, they are not flashy in appearance and rather subtle while delivered but will make you laugh out loud.

After all, it’s a movie starring Pankaj Tripathi!


Great Acting by the Star cast

You might have noticed that I mentioned the actor Pankaj Tripathi in the above section and there are many like me who quickly decide to watch a movie after knowing that Pankaj Tripathi is in the movie.

Why so?

Well, it is because he is phenomenal, talented, & a versatile actor.

However, this time, he is not alone to hold the above adjectives.

Kriti Sanon, Sai Tamhankar, Manoj Pathwa, Supriya Pathak, Evelyn Edwards Aidan Whytock and other actors in the supporting role has done a phenomenal job in the movie thereby earning a bunch of applause for themselves.

I am sure, the way you watch a movie to enjoy the segments of Pankaj Tripathi will replicate for these actors as well.


Impressive Storyline

The one prominent reason why I reduced watching Bollywood movies is because of the old, rusty and poorly crafted storylines which will not add even a pinch of value to your life. Rather it will steal the precious time of yours in which you could have done something productive.

Thank God, Mimi movie was not one of them as it has an impressive, amazingly crafted and smooth paced storyline that will satisfy both: the need for logic and entertainment to a decent level.


Moreover, it will also not disappoint you in the ending of the story which is a problem of many stories as they have a splendid storyline, amazing build up but don’t stand out at the end.

Mimi movie storyline has a decent credible ending.

Killer Dialogue Delivery

While watching the movie, you’ll come across several segments in which there are short spanned dialogue sequences cum conversations that will make you laugh in split seconds.

Moreover, not only comedic scenes, there are many subtle dialogue sequences that hit emotionally and point out the dark clutches of the society in split seconds thereby giving shout outs to the courageous people who challenge them and make their way forward.


Out and Out Entertainer

Some movies are entertaining to watch but have a couple of segments that are devoid of entertainment and is only used to give buildup to the climax part. 

This is important but it ultimately leaves many slow and non-entertaining parts in the movie which one would want to skip or fast forward to the main segment.

However, it was not the case for Mimi movie.

Mimi movie has been successful to become a wholesome entertainment movie which you can watch from any segment, any duration and that too multiple times.

Trust me, you’ll say this too after watching the movie.


Mature Content watchable for all

Usually, when a movie is centred over a social message, then many details are showcased in the movie featuring the issue and sometimes instead of adding filters, the movie makers keep it raw to translate the severity of the problem.

But this leads to narrowing of the audience as it becomes unsuitable for the under 18 audience.


However, Mimi movie has done a phenomenal job here by keeping the details technical yet simple to understand and showcasing the problem with the required intensity.

This makes the movie watchable for any group of audience without getting any cultural, religious or ethical shock.

What’s bad about the Mimi Movie?

Average Songs

I know that usually, songs are not a part of the movie. But when you are watching a Bollywood movie then it holds importance too.

It’s not a problem when you watch a movie along as then we skip the songs (Right?)

But when we watch a movie with family and friends then skipping any part of the movie, even songs is not a decent act.

So, for that case, Mimi movie didn’t put anything impressive on the table as songs were average, not soothing to listen to, and mildly melodious.


Idealistic Societal Consideration

Although the storyline was great, the thing which I found off was the societal element considered in the movie.

As the story involves ‘Surrogacy’, it is obvious that there should be a societal resistance as many parts of India is still not of a progressive mindset to adopt this idea with open arms.

But the movie didn’t show that extent of resistance in the Indian society and somehow accepted Surrogacy which moved it a bit far from reality.

However, I don’t consider it a major flaw because no story is perfect and to have a smooth movie progression, some elements are needed to consider ideal otherwise the central idea cannot be portrayed with the required intensity.

But pointing this out was necessary so I did it 😉.


Who should not watch the Mimi Movie?

I’ll give you this straight.

If you are a person who wants to watch

  • a flawless, super realistic and logic-based movie.
  • a movie with phenomenal songs.
  • a movie with glamorous actors & actresses.
  • A movie with exotic locations.

Then Mimi movie is not for you.


Who should watch the Mimi Movie?

Straight again:

If you are a person who wants to watch

  • A Pankaj Tripathi Film 😂
  • A movie with phenomenal comic timing.
  • Punchy dialogues.
  • Wonderful acting.
  • Impressive & cut to cut storyline with smooth progression.
  • Optimum pace
  • Big-Screen-Family-friendly movie

and an out and out entertaining experience

Then you SHOULD watch Mimi movie.


Is the Mimi Movie based on a true story?

Mimi movie is a remake of the Marathi film Mala Aai Vhhaychy! but the story in the movie is based on a true story that happened long ago when a foreign couple left the child in the surrogate womb and vanished.

So yes, it is based on a true story.


Where can you find the Mimi Movie?

Mimi movie is available on Netflix & Jio Cinema. It is not available on Amazon Prime or Disney Hotstar.

Can I watch Mimi Movie with Family?

Yes, of course, it’s a comedy-drama and family-friendly movie which you watch on the big screen instead of mobile with earphones on 😉.


My Mimi Movie Review – Is it Good?

The reason I wrote the tip in the beginning segment of the article is that when I was researching for relevant content for the Mimi movie review article, then I found unusual, biased and unjustified hate for the movie. Be it for movie actors, actresses, story, plots, realism and whatnot.


I believe in constructive feedback with proper justification.

But when there is no justification or constructive feedback for the flaws then it’s nothing but baseless hate.

This made me appeal to you to read the entire article and then formulate the final opinion.

Now, if you’d ask me for the Mimi movie review, I would say that it’s a complete package of entertainment and one should definitely give it a try if he/she wants to watch a movie with a decent storyline, punchy dialogues, impressive acting and touching emotions.

These kinds of movies are rare to find which entertains you, educate you and sensitize you at the same time without hurting any sentiments or traumatizing any age group of people.

So, in a nutshell, you should definitely try the Mimi movie.


Conclusion of the Mimi Movie Review

So that’s all for the Mimi Movie Review Article.

I hope I have mentioned every piece of information which you were looking for.

Do share your thoughts in the comments if you agree with my ethical opinions and also if you don’t.

Moreover, also mention anything that you feel I have missed out on in writing.

I’ll be happy to interact with you by any means.

Lastly, if you liked what you read then do check out my other Movie Review articles for more such content and share this article with your friends or family who you think will love reading this article.


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