I am Uttam Kumar Tamboli. I belong from Bilaspur Chhattisgarh India.

My hobbies are nature travel, watching movies, documentaries, Japanese anime, video making and writing.

The above couple of sentences is the typical intro that I give to everyone I meet.

But I have something extra to share with you guys!

I am currently pursuing my under-graduation in Bachelor of Engineering and that too in Bilaspur itself. I have studied in Bharat Mata English Medium School Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.

Since childhood, I have been a sincere boy and a person interested in multiple fields. Like video editing, photo editing, writing, etc.

At that time, I used to feel that it’s a sign of weakness that I don’t have THE ONE THING I am passionate about, and this feeling used to make me feel uncertain, under confident and unhappy.

But after growing up and consuming a lot of content in searching for the solution to this problem, I realized something genuinely shocking!

That the inheritance of multiple interests is not a sign of weakness, instead it’s a gift from the almighty to excel in every field I pour my hard work into.

So, here I am trying my best to explore different dimensions of my calibre.

It is impossible that I am writing about myself and I don’t mention my team.

Since 7th standard, I have been part of my school Eco-club named Team Nature Bodies founded by our school teacher Mr Panu Halder in the late 90s. And even after completed my schooling and pursuing college, I am still a member of this team.

The reason behind that is Panu sir. Along with my family, he holds the most prominent credit for making me the person I am today. He is a teacher, parent, caretaker and one of the best friends of mine.

Our team works to achieve the goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We perform various environment, nature, water and biodiversity conservation practices, and awareness programs to bring positive change in society and, most importantly, in people’s minds.

I have been part of many campaigns and projects in the team to date. However, the field in which I have worked a lot with sir is WATER CONSERVATION.

One of my projects to increase the underground table water with indigenous technology has been my loyal companion since class 11th till now.

That has played a significant role in helping me achieve some glory as a young environment activist at the regional, state and national levels.

Now, why have I told you this?

It’s because of being a part of this incredible team for so many years, I have developed a keen interest in the environment and want to make it a trending topic among citizens. Especially youngsters like me who, with their creativity, can solve many environment-related problems.

Nevertheless, the road is long, and there is more for me to learn, experiment and achieve.

Keeping that aside, amidst lockdown for the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak, I came across a fantastic realization and that’s the ability to become a content writer!

Since schooling, I used to write essays occasionally.

But during the lockdown, that interest intensified and started writing stories and essays. And to my surprise, I got recognized for them by UNESCO in their essay competition.

And as a fruitful event, I came across a fantastic Content Writing Coach, Mr Sanjay Shenoy, whose hopeful message:

“Become a professional Content Writer even if you haven’t written a single article in your life.”

It filled tones of courage in me and I enrolled in his Writer’s Bloc Program. With lots of writing every day, I finally started to get the beautiful essence of writing, and now here I am to explore different dimensions of my writing skill set!

In my Blog, using my multi-field interest or versatility, I am writing about my life experiences, review articles, essays, stories, lifelong learnings and the writing style that I have learned working in my team as a person who makes campaigns and project reports.

So, I’ll be grateful if you’ll read, give feedback, support and share my articles.

Your love means a lot to me!

And I’ll do everything I can to serve you with top-notch content!

Finally, I would like to thank all my friends, family, well-wishers, teachers, and every phenomenal being who has loved, cared for, supported and encouraged me to become a better version of myself.

Thank You very much & Never Forget!

“The light inside you know how to pop out,
just dim the background, and you’ll find yourself glowing!”

~UKT (Uttam Kumar Tamboli)

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