Why you should not hate Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series?

This spoiler-free Record of Ragnarok Netflix review article will answer all your questions which you are searching for.

About the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series

Record of Ragnarok Netflix series whose original title is Shûmatsu no Valkyrie is a manga adaptation of the Record of Ragnarok Manga series written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and illustrated by Ajichika.

The Netflix series is animated by Graphinica and is premiered on Netflix in June 2021.


The storyline of Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series (Spoiler-free)

The record of Ragnarok is all about the Law of the final battle between gods and humans otherwise called Ragnarok. It is a one-on-one tournament battle between 13 humans and 13 gods.

Why is it happening?

Because, after every 1000 years, the Gods & Goddesses of all religions assembles in the Gods’ Council to decide the fate of humanity. After 7 million years of human history, the gods after keeping an account of the disasters, exploitations, and devastations caused by humans on earth, decided that humans are irredeemable and must go extinct.


However, Brunhilde, The Valkyrie proposes to give humanity one last chance and insists the Ragnarok law be brought into action.

Rules are simple, Humanity will be spared from extinction if their side achieves 7 victories in the competition.

Now, will humans succeed in earning their last chance of existence?

Will the Gods annihilate them to the core instead?

Or things are destined to turn in another way?

Are the questions that will be answered after watching the series.


What makes the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series different from other series?

Rapid Start

Comparing this anime with other action anime, I found that usually, an action anime has a slow start followed by a smooth dive into the fighting scenes.

Whereas in the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series, it’s the opposite – the series starts with a Bang! diving straight into the storyline provocation of the fighting scenes.

This engulfs the audience with energy and starts entertaining them right off the bat.


Steep Story Growth Curve

The story of the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series is superficial at the beginning but grows amazingly till the end of the season which happens in other series as well, but the growth rate is what makes the difference as this series has pulled it off in the season 1 with only 12 episodes.

All these aspects make the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series different from other anime series.

What’s great about the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series?

Interesting storyline:

Generally, the tournament-based fighting anime has a simple storyline and the main emphasis lies on the fighters and their reason for fighting.

However, in the case of the Record of Ragnarok Netflix series, the baseline story is interesting too because of the mythological and historical references intermingled with the fighter’s abilities. They are credible and engaging at the same time

These altogether give the series an edge over other fighting animes.


Spectacular Backstories:

The individual backstories of the characters are great on their own as well. All of them are unique and will give you thrills in watching the anime.

My favourite is the Greatest Loser is born.

(Remember the name as I am not telling you any further to keep the article spoiler-free)

Sleek Integration of Character Backstory

As it is a fighting-based anime, there are a lot of characters involved and to give each character’s dedicated backstory is very difficult in this case.

But, Record of Ragnarok has played a smart move in making it possible.

It has intermingled the story of characters with the storylines at the point of their fighting scenes.

This way, the anime becomes successful in justifying the fighter’s reason for fighting and his personality which altogether shapes its character development decently and this integration also blends nicely with the storytelling of anime.


Engaging Soundtracks

The Record of Ragnarok Netflix series involves engaging soundtracks in the background of fights and backstory narration which increases the enjoyment of the series.

They will add an extra layer of enjoyment and thereby entertain you for good.

However, the opening and closing soundtracks are not that great.

Subtle Yet Hilarious Comedic scenes

Even though the Record of Ragnarok Netflix series is a serious fighting-based anime, there are still, many subtle comedic scenes that will catch you off-guard and make you laugh out loud as their comic timing is amazing as well.


Decent Fighting Scenes

Now here comes the prime element of the series – Fighting Scenes.

If you have watched fighting anime before. Be it Baki, Ashura or God of High School, then you’ll be familiar with the point that fighting scenes with the precise technique are a treat to watch and without it, the action scenes fail to impress you to a great extent.

Fortunately, the Record of Ragnarok Netflix series has been successful to hold its reputation in this criterion, as the fighting styles, techniques and explanations are interesting and credible at the same time.


So, the purpose of watching action anime will be fulfilled nicely for you!

They are not as intense and amazing as Baki or Ashura, but still, you’ll enjoy watching them.

What’s bad about the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series?

Weird animation


I don’t know how but this is an all-time problem with Netflix animes.

With animation, I am talking about character design and appearances.

The same problem was with the Netflix produced Baki anime Series.

No doubt the production quality is amazing with dope background music, but the face of characters seems unnatural, weird and ugly – Closeups are the worst.

Slow-paced progression

Despite being a fast storyline-based fighting anime, the progression is slow in comparison to other action anime. I know it’s weird but that’s how it is. But it is not entirely a bad thing if you don’t have any problem with it.

Tip to fix: Consider watching the anime in 1.25x.


Lazy Start in detailing

No doubt the character growth is nice in the anime but it is lazy slow in the beginning with the details.

You’ll start enjoying the details in the latter part of the series but in the beginning, they are not that great.

Long intervals in Fighting

The integration of backstories made in between the fights gives the series a great chunk of detailing. But it has caused a negative impact as well because the duration of these backstories is more than the duration of fighting scenes.

These long backstories disturb the viewers who want to enjoy the fighting scenes and makes them impatient instead of entertaining them.

Moreover, there are few extra scenes involved in between the fights for the provocation of the fighters.

It would have been better if they were made shorter as they are tedious to watch.


Who should not watch the Record of Ragnarok Series?

I’ll give this straight to you. If you want to watch an anime series with:

  • Astonishing animation & transitions,
  • Visually Appealing characters,
  • Tight storyline,


  • Phenomenally engaging cut-to-cut Fighting scenes

Then you should not watch the Record of Ragnarok Netflix series. It is not for you.


Who should watch the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series?

Straight again.

If you:

  • Want a binge-watching entertaining anime with a decent storyline,
  • Want to watch a short fighting anime series,
  • Are okay with mediocre animations,
  • Have no problem with backstories integrations in between fighting scenes,
  • & have no problem with historical & mythological references & portrayal of icons of that time.

Then you should watch the Record of Ragnarok Netflix series.


How to watch the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series – Is it Binge-Watch Worthy?

Yes, Record of Ragnarok is totally binge-watch worthy, as it is a fighting anime, with intermingled storylines all covered decently in 12 episodes of the first season.

Where can I find the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series?

Record of Ragnarok is available on Netflix. If not there then you can also find it on Anime Heaven, SFlix, 123movies, and Animesugoi.

Is the Record of Ragnarok on Netflix India?

Record of Ragnarok is one of a Netflix Original Series so yes, it is available on Netflix but currently, it is not available in Netflix India.

So, you either have to use a VPN or look for the series in other places like te*#gram. 😉


How many episodes does the Record of Ragnarok have?

Season 1 of Record of Ragnarok has 12 episodes.

Is the Record of Ragnarok Finished?

No, the Record of Ragnarok is ongoing right now as season 1 is released with 12 episodes covering 13 chapters of the Manga Series.

There is more to come in the series in future to cover the rest of the Manga.


Will there be a Record of Ragnarok season 2?

Yes, there will be Record of Ragnarok season 2 coming soon as it is announced by Netflix. However, the official release date has not been disclosed by Netflix.

So basically, we know it will come but not when. Most probably, it will come in 2022.

I’ll update the dates as soon as they are up. 😉

Can under 18 watch the Record of Ragnarok?

Yes, an under 18 audience can watch the Record of Ragnarok Netflix series. According to IMDB, this series is a US TV-14 series so If you are above 14 then you can watch it. The series has violence, nudity and alcohol showcase, but they are mild and not extremely severe that a 15 or 16-year-old cannot watch.


Why Record of Ragnarok is banned in India?

The Record of Ragnarok is banned in India because of the depiction of Lord Shiva in the Series as mentioned by Rajan Zed, the President of the Universal Society of Hinduism.


The ban took place because of the portrayal of angry Lord Shiva with four eyes open in anger over the Greek God, Zeus in one of the scenes of the series.

As long as this scene is in the series, it will not stream on Netflix India as the protesting society believes that it will showcase a wrong impression of Hindu Gods to an audience unfamiliar with the Hindu religion.

Why is the record of Ragnarok hated?

There are two reasons for the hate: One is logical & the other is sentimental.

Logical Reason broadly has two aspects like weird & dull animation and imbalance in the duration of the storyline and fighting scenes.

Sentimental reason (the most prominent) is the one that is based on the religion we follow.

As the series features Gods & Goddesses from many religions and mythologies, some people don’t want their almighty to be showcased in any other way than what’s mentioned in the holy books or portrayed by our ancestors.

So, their depiction as Anime characters has made them furious and they are on a hateful protest from watching this series and endorsing it as an art form.

Record of Ragnarok Netflix Review as per me


If you ask me for the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Review, I’d say that it is a good anime series.

The Anime has successfully narrated the storyline in mere 12 episodes and that too nicely.

The integration of backstories with the fighting scenes does the character development of the fighters in a decent manner along with engaging the audience to the story.

Along with the character backstories, the usage of historical and mythological references also makes the audience one step closer to connecting with the anime in terms of credibility to the storyline.

I agree that the animation is not the strongest part of this series, the segments of the backstory of characters, storyline narration and extra elements are more than fighting scenes and could be optimized for a shorter duration to give the fighting scenes more duration.

But still, they are not overpowering to the extent where you have to stop watching the anime. They also hold their importance along with the fighting scenes so there is a chance that you will like them as well.

So, if you want to watch a fighting anime, your belief in your god is strong enough that a mere portrayal of him in a series won’t change your sentiments towards him and if you watch any movie or a series just as content, keeping your religious sentiments aside then you should give a try to Record of Ragnarok.



So that’s all for the Record of Ragnarok Netflix Series Review Article.

I hope you got the information you were searching for.

If you think that I have missed mentioning something or you have any counter opinions on the aspects I have mentioned in the article, then do mention them in the comments.

I would love to interact with you there. Also, if I find your comment valid and valuable for the article, then I’ll add it in the article with credits to your name.

Thank you very much for reading the review article.

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Lastly, share this article with your friends and family whom you think will like to watch this Netflix series.


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