Should You Watch the Suicide Squad 2021? – Read To Decide

This spoiler-free article will make you decide if you should watch the Suicide Squad 2021 movie or not. It has all the answers to your questions!

About the Suicide Squad 2021 movie

The Suicide Squad 2021 is a DC Movie (a movie based on DC Comics) written & directed by James Gunn and Produced by DC FilmsAtlas Entertainment, and The Safran Company.

It is an unrelated and separate storyline-based sequel of Suicide Squad released back in 2016.


The storyline of The Suicide Squad 2021 (Spoiler-free)

The American Government runs a secret organization named Task Force X to deal with the deadliest tasks on earth for saving the country’s pride and maintaining peace.

The members of this Task Force X are no ordinary people. They are the most dangerous villains ever lived.

This combination of deadliest tasks and the most dangerous villains is brought on wheels with a condition that all the villains will get their charges removed and will be set free if they complete the tasks.

However, the tasks are so difficult that coming out alive is nearly impossible hence the name The Suicide Squad.

Also, if they try to trick the organization and run for their life then – Boom, their brain will explode because of the detonating chip installed by the smart guys of the organization.

This movie is all about one such formidable task handed over to the Suicide Squad to perform for earning their freedom and saving America’s Pride.


Now, will the members of the Suicide Squad will be successful in their mission?

Their brain will sabotage into zillion pieces?

Things are going to turn in a different way?

Are the questions that will be answered on watching the movie.

(As I am not going to tell you a single bit of it to keep my article spoiler-free 😉 )

The suicide squad 2021 official trailer

What makes the Suicide Squad 2021 different from other movies?

  • Unlike many other R-rated films, it is a complete package of action, comedy & emotions.
  • Out and out entertainer for the entire 2 hours.
  • Well optimized pace of the story to let you enjoy and be hooked on to the next scene at the same time.
  • The blend of subtle and strong dark comedic scenes is what gives it an edge over the other action-packed movies.

All these reasons make the Suicide Squad 2021 different from other series.


Pros of the Suicide Squad 2021 movie?

The Beginning is insane

The storyline of the Suicide Squad 2021 kicks in the first 5 minutes of the movie, giving it a rapid start, which starts entertaining the audience from the initial stage instead of making them hopeful by setting a built up.


This is amazing because when a person decides to watch an action-packed movie, he/she just wants to throw himself/herself on the couch with the mindset of enjoying stunning action sequences.

But when there are scenes not making sense at the beginning which are a part of the story built up and they are devoid of the action sequence, then the audience becomes more conscious of the story than the action scenes which reduces their chill mood of watching the movie.

But with the Suicide Squad 2021, that’s not the case, you can be in a chill mood from beginning till end.

Phenomenal Cinematography

Cinematography is the heart of any action movie that gives it a unique identity among other movies. Also, it is that element that gives that draws the legacy of the movie.

The cinematography of the Suicide Squad 2021 is phenomenal.


It makes all the action sequences amazing and credible at the same time which will make you feel close to real fights and hook you in the moments.

Additionally, Typographical Cinematography is truly amazing because it has an artistic touch along with the technicalities making it more appealing.

They are so well crafted that you’ll be amazed at their integration with the movie scenes.

The following screenshot will justify the above context:


Hilarious Comedy Scenes

The comic timing of the Suicide Squad 2021 is so deadly that even the subtle dark comedic elements will catch you off guard and make you laugh.

Other than the subtle ones, there are many comedic sequences where you’ll laugh uncontrollably.

It will give you a good time.


Killer Dialogue Delivery

The element that contributes most to making the Suicide Squad 2021 so hilarious is the Killer Dialogue Delivery of actors in the movie.

Many split-second segments will make you laugh just because of the dialogues & their killer dialogue delivery.

Just pay attention to the scenes and you’ll have a great time. 😉

Optimum Pace – Cherry on the cake!

The reason why even the jumpy timelines and variation in plots are smooth and always within reach of the audience is the pace of the movie.

The movie has a throughout optimum pace involved which ensures no difficulties in understanding the plots, doesn’t confuse the audience with back-and-forth sequences and connects the dots so smoothly along with the movie progression that you’d hardly notice 2 hours passing by.

Decent Portrayal of Action with Emotions


Usually, in an action-comedy movie, the emphasis is more on the protagonist’s goal and the ways by which he/she will achieve them.

There are few traces of the backstory of the reason why the protagonist is the way he/she is but only a few movies justify the emotional elements of the protagonist of being that way, subtly without overpowering it.

And thankfully, the Suicide Squad 2021 movie is one of them as even being an R rated film, which has become successful in pulling off the human emotion of the protagonists in the movie with great decency that justifies their ethics and way of doing things to achieve their goal.

Also, the way it blends with the movie’s plot at the end is truly amazing.

Out and out entertainer


The Suicide Squad 2021 is an Out and out entertainer with a beautifully crafted storyline, smooth progression and integration of comedic and action scenes in between them.

You might hardly find one or two 5-10 minutes segments where the movie doesn’t entertain you either emotionally, hilariously or through action sequences.

Spectacular Starcast


The starcast in the Suicide Squad movie has contributed a big chunk in pulling off all the pros mentioned above.

(Except Cinematography. Its credit goes to the Moviemakers 😉)

The dialogue delivery, killer dialogues, subtle yet catchy expressions, impressive gestures and every aspect of the human element are nicely showcased by the actors and it will definitely give you a great time!

I bet you’ll become admirers of a couple of actors in the movie after watching it.

Simple Yet Engaging Storyline

The Suicide Squad 2021 plot is simple and you’ll be able to catch it in the first 10-15 minutes of the movie.

But the way, the storyline proceeds is very engaging and entertaining at the same time.


Cons of the Suicide Squad 2021 movie?

Superficial Character Development

The Characters involves in the Suicide Squad 2021 movie have very superficial character development as there is only a small piece of information involved about their backstory. Just enough to justify their ideals and way of being.

But nothing further from that.


However, bloodsport had a great advancement in its character development, but not for all of the squad members.

If their character development also had a similar growth as bloodsport, then it would have been better.

Shallow depth of detailing of Antagonists

Despite having a simple yet interesting storyline, the details of the antagonists could have been mentioned like their backstory, their special powers and specialities etc. which would have added more weight to their terrifying presence.

Imbalance in detailing of Protagonists

As this movie has a ‘squad’ of protagonists, there should have been details about each of their specialities & special powers along with their backstory as that would have given an edge to their presence in the climax.

It happened for two of them but not for all causing an imbalance in the impact of the ‘squad’ as a whole.


Who Should not watch the Suicide Squad 2021 movie?

It is R rated for a reason, don’t take it lightly.

If you cannot stand cruelty, bloodshed, ruthless human killing & animal killing and dissected body parts etc. then don’t think of watching this movie.


As it is an action-centric movie, there is no in-depth character back story involved in it

So, if you are looking for a movie with a detailed storyline and great character development then this movie is not for you.

Who Should watch the Suicide Squad 2021 movie?

I give this to you straight:

If you are looking for a movie with:

  • Action & Killer fighting scenes crafted along with human emotions.
  • Hilarious Dark Comedy scenes; both subtle & strong
  • Out and out entertainer package
  • Phenomenal Cinematography

And if you can bear ruthless bloodshed, human & animal killing, dissected body parts and of course, abusive contexts & contents then

You should watch the Suicide Squad 2021 movie!


Where to watch the suicide squad 2021?

The Suicide Squad 2021 full movie is released in theatres on 5th August 2021 in India & Abroad. Also, it is streamable on HBO Max (Not available in India).

So, if you are in a place where Cinemas are open with all the safety measures, then do watch the movie there.

But if you cannot, then you have to either wait for its release in other OTT platforms or find it in by other means. 😂

Is the suicide squad 2021 on Netflix?

No, the Suicide Squad 2021 is not on Netflix yet. It is only on HBO Max which is not available in India. People, especially Netflix subscribers are extremely excited to have the movie available on Netflix.

I’ll let you know when it’s is available on Netflix

The suicide squad 2021 rating

IMDB rating- 7.5/10, Rotten Tomatoes Rating- 4/5, Common-Sense Media Rating-4/5

Why is the suicide squad 2021 rated R?

The movie has a great chunk of Ruthless fighting that results in human and animal killing and their destroyed body parts.


All these bloodsheds are vividly showcased in the movie and can be traumatizing for an underage and soft-hearted audience.

Moreover, there are drug references, sexual and abusive content involved in the movie.

Hence the Suicide Squad 2021 movie is R Rated.

Can the Under 18 audience watch the suicide squad 2021?

Absolutely not. It’s an R Rated Movie.

They should not try to watch it as it can traumatize them with the fighting and bloodshed scenes.

Also, there is sexual content and vulgarity Involved.

So, it’s a Complete No-No for the Under 18 audience to watch the movie.

Is there going to be a Suicide Squad part 2?

There is no official announcement for the Suicide Squad 2021 movie as the studios didn’t have an outstanding earning as they should have because of individual OTT platform release and limited capacity cinema release in between the pandemic outbreak.

The suicide squad 2021 review by me

If you’d ask my take on the movie, then I’d say that I enjoyed The Suicide Squad 2021 movie.

Right from the start, the movie draws attention towards itself as the central idea of the movie is simple yet interesting which has been decently portrayed in the movie with optimum pace.


The cinematography and typographical cinematography are one of the strongest points of the movie as it increases the enjoyment while watching fighting scenes.

The starcast has done an amazing job with their killer dialogue delivery, expressions and comic timing which altogether has made a perfect blend to make the subtle and strong comedic scenes hilarious to watch.

The transition between scenes is so smooth that the variation in timelines also happens without causing any mental conflicts in understanding the plots and also gives a wholesome experience for the entire 2 hours of the movie.

So, in a nutshell, the Suicide Squad 2021 is a great entertainer and one should definitely try it if the conditions align with what I have mentioned in the previous section.


(Who Should Watch & Who Shouldn’t watch the movie)


So that’s all for the review article on the Suicide Squad 2021.

I hope that I have mentioned all the information you were looking for.

If you think that there are any segments which I haven’t dealt with correctly, be it Pros, Cons, who should Watch, who should not watch etc.


If I have missed mentioning something about the movie, then do let me know in the comments section below.

I’d love to interact with you there.

Also, if I’d, find your input valid & interesting then I’ll add that point in the article with your name on it as a credit. 😉

Lastly, thank you very much for reading. If you liked what you read, then you can also check out my other movie review articles

Also, share this article with your friends and family, whom you think will like to watch this movie.



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